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Friday Five

1. My friend Brittany beat the heat (it hit 100 degrees) on the lake. I bought this adorable floaty, didn’t realize how big it was but loved it just the same. I named her Penelope.

2. My AirPods have become my new favorite set of headphones. I use them 24/7. When I’m walking, when I’m working out (they totally stay in), when I’m lounging and even when I’m in the car occasionally and am too lazy to take them out. I LOVE how the case recharges them because I am the worst at remembering to charge wireless headphones.

3. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening right now and I picked up this and this! I have been dying to get a set like this since the last anniversary sale and as for this, I just really needed a new one. Mine finally is dying and truly needed to be replaced. I currently have my eye on these, I just don’t know if I would wear them enough but I love them.

4. I have been obsessed with Nitro Cold Brew recently! I sip on it all day and it just gives me all the good energy.

5. I am getting a facial tomorrow and I’m so excited! My skin truly needs it and I can’t wait to catch up with my esthetician. We just chat the entire time until she puts a hot towel on my face that covers my mouth. Truly my favorite appointment ever.

xx, Chandler


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