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Masking with Marin Bee

I love honey in my skincare. The benefits are almost endless (read this post about all of the benefits of honey).

This mask has honey (obviously) which is a natural humectant so it is super moisturizing and keeps in all the moisture of your skin for lasting hydration. Honey is also full of antioxidants to repair and protect the skin, has enzymes that clarify the skin and is antibacterial to prevent breakouts and increases healing of the skin with its anti-inflammatory poperties.

I love this Marin Bee detox masque because it does it all and I love a do it all product. You have the enzymes from the pumpkin, purifying qualities of the kaolin clay and the numerous benefits (hydration and restoration to name two) of the honey all in one mask. The mask left my skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

For me, I love multi-masking. It is luxurious and feels like I am truly treating myself when I can’t go get a facial. However I love little bits of pampering just as much. Like a face mask before or after I take a hot shower, jade rolling to get my lymphatic system moving, taking the time to really let me products work on a more regular basis are the everyday little luxuries that you should do as well.

Every product should pack a punch and have a purpose and this one is perfect for either occasion and works for your skin.

xx, Chandler

This product was was sent to me for consideration. As always all thoughts are my own.
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