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Fresh Brand Review: Part 1

I’ve realized that I have accumulated a few Fresh products… and I have about 0 posts breaking down each product or really even mentioning them. period.

Get ready for like a 4 part series just on Fresh organized by step and starting with face wash…

The Soy Face Cleanser : I started using this product as a teenager. It was actually one of the first face cleansers I used after my run with the classic Clinique 3 step system I think every teenager tried or was their start in skincare. However I grew away from it as I tried different products and found new “holy grails” along the way. (For me it was purity and then milky jelly.) And finally picked it up again when the beautiful limited edition design came out. (Yes it did make me want to try it again.) For me, acne has always been a problem and I tried numerous different “targeted” or “skin concern” specific cleansers that did nothing for me. And when I found that gentle, non-specific cleansers were the answer to helping my skin I haven’t gone back. What truly agrees with my skin when I am using this cleanser (which is currently btw) is that it is gentle, soothing but yet able to wash off my makeup. I’ve realized with Fresh products in particular that my skin really loves antioxidant and amino acid rich products (aka this). This cleanser is rich in amino acids which support elasticity and healthy skin, is calming and balancing thanks to the rosewater, and also has a notable cucumber scent to soothe the skin. If you are sensitive to fragrances or scents, this product may not be for you. The cucumber scent is prominent but I do not find that it , irritates my skin at all. I also find that like other cleansers, this one does not irritate my eyes (yay!) which is key for me.

Soy Face Exfoliant : I am not a huge fan of physical exfoliants but this one is actually a keeper. (I also like the Dr. Lancer one but that one is pricey.) The key for me with physical exfoliants is that the exfoliant is fine. A grain that almost feels like a sand is fine enough to not feel like I’m cutting my face while using it. Fresh describes this exfoliant as a “micro fine” exfoliant which makes it more gentle on the skin. It has cucumber seeds, apricot seeds, jojoba beeads and soy proteins that all revitalize the skin and gentle eliminate dead cells. It also has the rich amino acid soy proteins in it that, just like the cleanser, helps maintain elsasticity and healthy looking skin. It truly does leave my skin feeling smoother and overall more healthy. After I use this my skin just feels refreshed and I feel like it looks more glowy as well.

Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar : This bar truly feels like a brick. It is solid 100% umbrian clay. Umbrian clay (which is a staple ingredient in a line of Fresh products) is a natural substance found in Nocera Umbra in Italy. It has been a therapeutic treatment for centuries because of its supreme anti-inflammatory and absorbent properties. Because it has a high mineral content, it absorbs toxins (aka any bacteria in your skin), neutralizes acidity, soothes irritations, reduces breakouts and helps regenerate healthy skin cells to overall purify and clarify the skin. I use this bar after I cleanse off makeup and make sure my skin is perfectly clean. I place the bar under running water to moisten it and then apply it directly on my skin. I repeat this until my face is covered. Then I wait for it to dry completely (around five minutes) for a deeper treatment. Almost like a quick little face mask. It really feels nice and knowing it is pure clay with no additives is great. Would I spend $40 on this bar again based on how much I use it? No probably not because I unfortunately don’t use it as much as the Umbrian Clay face mask that Fresh makes. I wish they made this bar in like a half size.

Lastly, the Deep Hydration Toner : Let me first start off by saying that this toner is not just for dry or normal skin types! It is an alcohol free cleansing toner that is infused with real rose petals (its such a cool beautiful bottle with the rose petals floating around). It helps remove residual impurities post cleansing, refines the appearance of pores (I haven’t noticed this claim really) and softens skin for a healthy complexion. It truly does leave my skin looking hydrated, healthy, and velvety soft. I love this toner because it hydrates the skin without leaving any residue behind like some hydrating products do. I love this toner and think it is an amazing product for all skin tones.

Get ready for Part 2!

xx, Chandler

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