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Friday Five

1. My dreamy little corner is complete! I have 2 favorite corners, and a favorite wall so I’ll have to do a little mini room post when my room is all tidy and not looking like it had a tornado go through it.

2. I purchased a few macrame pieces from Minimal Macrame and they are beautiful and perfect. You have to check out her etsy shop period but she is also having a quick flash sale before her shop goes on vacation mode!

3. I’ve been loving the Sephora Melting Lip Click in Caramel. I thought this $14 potential dupe for the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick. (I still kind of want the Marc Jacobs one in Sugar Sugar though…)

4. Currently in my cart… The NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device. I am super into devices right now and have my eye on that one for the next time there is a Sephora sale and the ZIIP beauty device for when Black Friday comes to town.

5. Currently have been (lightly) following the F-Factor diet/lifestyle for a few weeks (since I never do to hot 100% jumping into something… it never sticks) and honestly I am loving it so far. I am always full, never deprived and can still enjoy a drink. Before I 110% commit to following the plan, I need to finish reading the book, but I have the powders and those make life (especially breakfast) super easy.

xx, Chandler

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