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In My In-Flight Beauty Essentials

This post is completely inspired by the queen, Dena of Leo with Cancer. Her travel products and bags are inspiring me to be her for a red eye I have coming up.

I may or may not have even purchased a small bag… And I may or may not eventually post a for size photo…

Anyway I have been lowkey gearing up for this jam packed weekend trip and buying my type of necessary products so I can survive. Think: Mini everything / Mini version of everything Realness (you get it if you watch RuPaul’s drag race).

So in my bag…

+ Sheet masks galore. I need to keep my skin hydrated and in the process scare my fellow row mates on this red-eye. I will be bringing the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sheet Mask, Farmacy Coconut Gel Face Mask, and potentially a couple others for options. I’m saving my Glamglow Detox Bubble Sheet Mask for when I come home!

+ An overnight mask to keep your skin hydrated in such a dehydrated area. I love the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (fitting) and it is my miracle flying product. After using it, it seriously gives my skin life and hydration and makes it better than when I put it on.

+ Face wipes (but in a mini pack so they don’t take up too much room) are a must for me so when I saw these in the little minis section of Sephora when you go checkout, I had to pick them up. The perfect amount for a weekend.

+ Mini deodorant (thank goodness my fave one now comes in a mini version) since you don’t want to smell gross in a tight space for 6 hours. (You know you’ve sat next to that person. Don’t be that person.)

+ A downsized wallet –> cardholder. (I never carry cash so it’s just better this way.)

+ Hand lotion because cheap soap and plane air are killer and no one needs prune dry hands.

+ Mini versions of my favorite skincare products; This will include a bunch of mini fresh products (courtesy of their gift with purchase they did a little bit ago) and other mini sets and samples I have received or purchased.

+ Headphones are a must! I love my AirPods period but they are the best for travel. The case recharges them, I can use my iPhone charger to charge the case back up and since I have an iPhone 8 I don’t have a headphone jack so it just makes headphones easier than the other little pieces that get easily lost.

+ A silk sleep mask (this one is literally only $10 on amazon) to block out the light from your neighbors who are reading next you you or the overall light in the plane. But only silk because it is the kindest to your skin and eyes!

I will film a full video when I pack for my next trip!

xx, Chandler



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